Talk Data to Me / Future of Data: New York Meetup

At this monthly event series, General Assembly hosts thought-leaders from the NYC data community to discuss the possibilities it brings to life. Featured speakers cover how today’s wealth of information drives business and product decisions across industries, and share insights for the future.

At the May 2018, Future of Data: New York Meetup, senior software developers Esther Kundin & Amit Anand talked about how Bloomberg has been working to push the edge of high-performance low-latency HBase. In their talk entitled “HBase Coprocessors – Uses, Abuses, Solutions,” they discussed the performance boosts from using coprocessors, as well as the challenges posed for memory usage, garbage collection, logging, and deployment in a production setting and how these were addressed.

To learn some of the best practices that Bloomberg has found with developing and deploying HBase coprocessors, download their slides here.