Spark Summit East 2017

Spark Summit brings the Apache Spark community together. Many came to hear from leading production users of Spark, SparkSQL, Spark Streaming and related projects. Attendees found out where the project development is going, and learn how to use the Spark stack in a variety of applications.

Joy Chakraborty, Distributed Application Architect, delivered a presentation entitled “Secured (Kerberos-based) Spark Notebook for Data Science” in which he provided technical design and development insights to set up a Kerberosed (secured) JupyterHub notebook using Spark. Joy showed how Bloomberg set up the Kerberos-based Spark-notebook-integrating JupyterHub, Sparkmagic, and Livy. Check out the slides here and watch Joy’s presentation below.

Software Engineer Shubham Chopra also delivered a talk entitled “Spark and Online Analytics” about how Bloomberg uses Spark Server as a server runtime for online analytics. In this talk, he tries to identify specific areas where slow-down or failures can result in the largest hits on online-query performance and potential solutions to address these. Check out his slides here and watch Shubham’s presentation below.