Artificial Intelligence & Data Science – Capital Markets Conference

How will artificial intelligence and machine learning drive your trading strategy?

Machine learning of one sort or another has been happening within the financial arena for some time. Today, investment managers and trading operations can  use new approaches to data to gain an edge when making investment decisions. Newsweek’s AI and Data Science – Capital Markets conference brings together data science practitioners from asset management firms, hedge funds, banks and start-ups.

The event will look at new and interesting datasets and the process of extracting value from them. There will also be presentations and panels looking specifically at the infrastructure used by data scientists working in capital markets, including CTOs from hedge funds that have led the way in open sourcing software. The intersection of regulation and advancements in algorithmic trading techniques will also be discussed in detail, and more broadly the responsible approach to the way in which markets are becoming more and more the domain of machines.

On Wednesday, March 1st, Bloomberg LP’s Head of Data Science, Gideon Mann, delivered a keynote entitled “Inferring natural language structure for insights into financial markets” and also participated in a panel discussion about “A new generation of financial text mining and automated interpretation.”