AnacondaCON 2017

AnacondaCON is the place to fast track your current knowledge of Open Data Science, through engagement with visionaries who have established modern Open Data Science technology and are pioneering its evolution. You’ll learn best practices and how other thought leaders are leveraging Anaconda to accelerate the value from their data.

Bloomberg senior software engineer Armin Burgmeier presented a talk entitled “Using Conda to Build a Custom Data Science Distribution at Bloomberg” about the experiences our team has had using the conda package manager to build a custom distribution of free software packages combined with Bloomberg-specific libraries for data retrieval and analytics, targeting other internal teams of developers as consumers. Conda helped solve one of our central challenges which is avoiding inadvertently breaking the our users’ code, while providing an up-to-date Python software stack. The talk also discussed the architecture of our infrastructure based on conda-forge and buildbot. Check out the slides here and watch Armin’s presentation below.