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Each episode of the podcast features wide-ranging discussions with tech’s top entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders about the most pressing issues facing them and the industry.


Welcome to the Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg Podcast!

These conversations with luminaries from the global technology community were recorded as part of the monthly Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg Speaker Series, which convenes students from Cornell Tech, Bloomberg employees, and members of New York’s tech community at Bloomberg’s Global Headquarters in New York City. Now, they’re available to you in an easy-to-listen podcast!

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Episode 45: Kate Ryder, Founder and CEO, Maven
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Kate Ryder discusses how reporters and entrepreneurs require similar skills, why starting a healthcare company without experience in the legacy industry can be an advantage, what the COVID-19 pandemic did to transform telemedicine, and how maternal care and fertility treatment became ideal markets for disruption.

Episode 44: Jessica Lin, Co-Founder/General Partner, Work-Bench
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Jessica Lin discusses her ‘soccer ball’ theory to growth, her intriguing experience wearing a GoPro camera at work, how she and her team play matchmaker between startups and Corporate America, and New York City’s important role as the central marketplace for the enterprise tech sector.

Episode 43: Gustav Söderström, Chief Research & Development Officer, Spotify
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Gustav Söderström talks about how music piracy in Sweden inspired Spotify’s early years, its broad range of products, and how the company is playing a leading role as the Research and Development arm of the music industry.

Episode 42: Brad Svrluga, Co-founder/General Partner, Primary Venture Capital
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Brad Svrluga talks about Primary Venture Capital’s geographic focus of investing, the traits and patterns he looks for in founders, and his outlook on the future of tech in New York City.

Episode 41: Lisa Lewin, CEO, General Assembly
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Lisa Lewin discusses her leap from General Assembly student to holding the company’s top position, the democratization of access to the most coveted jobs, and the future of the workplace.

Episode 40: Jarrid Tingle, Managing Partner, Harlem Capital
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Harlem Capital’s Jarrid Tingle talks about his investment experience before graduate school, how he recognizes diversity as an asset class, and the qualities and habits he looks for in founders and venture partners.

Episode 39: Ragy Thomas, Founder/CEO, Sprinklr
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Ragy Thomas talks about Sprinklr’s range of offerings, the importance of keeping a tight-knit internal bond while navigating remote work, and how he and his team decide whether to grow internally or acquire external entities.

Episode 38: Niraj Shah, CEO/co-founder, Wayfair
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Niraj Shah discusses his formative years at Cornell, his deep roots in entrepreneurship, and how he has guided Wayfair towards greater success despite a global pandemic.

Episode 37: Alexa von Tobel, founder/Managing Partner, Inspired Capital
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Alexa Von Tobel discusses why she dropped out of school to start LearnVest in 2007, how she grew from entrepreneur to venture investor, and why her personal experience gives her the unique ability to provide support to her stable of entrepreneurs when they need it most, as well as why crisis management is integral to a company’s foundation.

Episode 36: Josh Silverman, CEO, Etsy
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Josh Silverman talks about his career journey from the dot-com bubble to the challenges presented by COVID-19. He discusses how he transformed the Etsy platform to connect mask sellers and buyers, and the balance related to social responsibility that companies need to find with as they impact society around us.

Episode 35: Zach Weinberg, Co-founder, President & COO, Flatiron Health
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Zach Weinberg explores his transition from food delivery and ad tech startups to one focused on healthcare, finding Flatiron Health’s first customer, and Flatiron’s novel ability to connect oncologists, academics, hospitals, and more.

Episode 34: Daniel Ramot, Co-founder and CEO of Via
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Daniel Ramot talks about his educational background in neuroscience, the value of Via partnering with cities on public transit, and the future of ridesharing.

Episode 33: Carolyn Childers, co-founder and CEO of Chief (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Carolyn Childers discuss her efforts to unite executive women in the business world, the various services Chief offers to its members, and how she views the evolution of the C-suite.

Episode 32: Zachariah Reitano, CEO & Co-founder of Ro (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Zachariah Reitano discusses Ro’s rapid growth, the challenges of operating a telemedicine startup in a highly regulated industry, plus how & why the company addresses stigma in its ads.

Episode 31: Joel Flory, CEO of VSCO
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Joel Flory talks about his background as a commercial and wedding photographer, VSCO’s rapid growth, its unique position in a landscape of Snapchat filters and Instagram influencers, the power of community and creativity, and the impact of social media usage on mental health.

Episode 30: Ganesh Srivats, CEO of Moda Operandi (interviewed by Emma Chandra)

Ganesh Srivats talks about how Moda Operandi’s trunkshow model lets customers purchase any piece from a designer’s collection, enabling the company to play a direct role in determining which fashions shown on the runway actually make it into production.

Episode 29: Chad Dickerson, former CEO of Etsy, and Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Management at Google
(interviewed by Caroline Hyde)

Bradley Horowitz and Chad Dickerson, two executives who know first-hand the importance of innovating inside large organizations, talk about the risks, failures and successes behind game-changing innovation and their BigCo Studio course at Cornell Tech, which is teaching students to build products in complex environments at scale.

Episode 28: Rob Wiesenthal, Blade Co-founder & CEO
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Rob Wiesenthal talks about the crowdsourcing of transportation, his vision for Blade, how the company has expanded the market for private flights, and its plans for the future of short distance aviation: making urban air mobility a mass-market product.

Episode 27: Melanie Whelan, (former) CEO of SoulCycle
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Melanie Whelan talks about the SoulCycle brand, its growth and global expansion plans, how it inspires customer devotion by injecting fun into the workout experience, and what the company is doing to build community and extend the SoulCycle experience beyond the studio.

Episode 26: Shaun Stewart, CEO of New Lab
(interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Shaun Stewart talks about New Lab’s vision and future, why New York may be the place to scale a cutting-edge tech company, the promise and peril of self-driving vehicles, and his transition from growing Airbnb’s vacation rental business and directing Waymo’s self-driving car project to creating a perfect destination for entrepreneurs in Brooklyn.

Episode 25: Anjali Sud, Vimeo CEO (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Anjali Sud talks about being introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age, the importance of pursuing one’s career goals, how she managed Vimeo’s successful shift from a media company to a technology company, and why she chose to focus its business on video creators rather than viewers.

Episode 24: Beth Comstock, former CMO and Vice Chair of GE; Author of “Imagine It Forward” (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about her career as a changemaker, leader, risk-taker, and innovator, Beth Comstock describes a problem she believes all organizations — large and small — must address: managing change.

Episode 23: JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes & JetBlue Technology Ventures’ Bonny Simi (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

Robin Hayes and Bonny Simi talk about innovations that are shaping the future of the travel industry, the challenges of engaging startups as a corporate VC, and the importance of identifying opportunities to create better customer experiences.

Episode 22: Anthony Casalena, Founder and CEO of Squarespace (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about entrepreneurship and the importance of website design, Anthony Casalena talks about how his passion for blogging turned into an innovative solution to the problem of self-expression.

Episode 21: Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO and co-founder of Zola (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about the importance of maintaining a personal user experience while scaling a multi-channel e-commerce business, Shan-Lyn Ma talks about breaking into the $300 billion global wedding industry and becoming its fastest-growing company.

Episode 20: NYC’s Venture Capital Landscape with Lerer Hippeau’s Eric Hippeau, EXPA’s Naveen Selvadurai & FirstMark Capital’s Catherine “Kit” Ulrich (moderated by Scarlet Fu)

In this panel discussion, several of New York’s most successful venture capitalists discuss a range of topics such as how to hire the right types of superheroes to go above and beyond for your brand.

Episode 19: Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships, Instagram (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about editorial content in social media and making products accessible to consumers, Eva Chen discusses why Instagram has become the platform of choice for the fashion industry.

Episode 18: Women in Venture Capital with Beth Ferreira, Managing Director at FirstMark Capital, Ellie Wheeler, partner at Greycroft & Rebecca Kaden, partner at Union Square Ventures (moderated by Scarlet Fu)

In this panel discussion, three female VC leaders talk about the New York venture capital landscape and the importance of diversity in a corporate org chart and the obstacles that female founders face.

Episode 17: Mario Schlosser, CEO and Co-Founder, Oscar Health (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about the future of digital health and how to shape a profitable insurance company that still focuses on people, Mario Schlosser discusses the complex world of American health care.

Episode 16: Miguel McKelvey, Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about workplace culture, Miguel McKelvey talks about the shifting perspectives of what an office should be, as well as WeWork’s ambition, expansion, and valuation.

Episode 15: Panel on The Future of Education & Work with Jake Schwartz, co-founder/CEO of General Assembly, Leah Belsky, VP of global enterprise development at Coursera, and Jeremy Snepar, founder/CEO of New York Code + Design Academy (moderated by Scarlet Fu)

In this panel discussion about how education and business adapt to the changes that technology creates, three entrepreneurs discuss the importance of creativity and adaptability when facing these challenges.

Episode 14: Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia and partner at Vayner/RSE (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about professional motivation and understanding consumer behavior, internet personality and bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk looks at innovation and entrepreneurship through an unorthodox lens.

Episode 13: Brian S. Cohen, Chairman, New York Angels, and Founding Partner, New York Venture Partners (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about what angel investors look for when choosing to invest and how to project the future ramifications of certain investments, Brian S. Cohen addresses these subjects head-on.

Episode 12: Panel discussion with Andrew Yang, Founder of Venture for America, Labib Rahman, Product Manager at IPC Systems and Kate Catlin, Founder of Flock (moderated by Scarlet Fu)

Following a screening of the movie “Generation Startup,” we chatted with three entrepreneurs (two of whom are featured in the film) about what it takes to build the next generation of startups.

Episode 11: John Martin, (former) Chairman & CEO, Turner (interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about content distribution and the skills needed by the next generation of storytellers, John Martin shares his vision for how television networks should be growing.

Episode 10: Ben Lerer, Founder Group Nine Media/Thrillist Media Group and Managing Partner of Lerer Hippeau (Interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about problem-solving through technology, the ever-changing media landscape, and the future of online content, Ben Lerer shows why he’s a leader in digital media.

Episode 9: Female Entrepreneurship with Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp, Brit + Co’s Brit Morin and Dia&Co’s Nadia Boujarwah (Moderated by Scarlet Fu)

In this panel discussion about how female entrepreneurs can empower themselves while also building and scaling their businesses, these CEOs offer insights rooted in their own ups and downs.

Episode 8: Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker (Interviewed by Scarlet Fu)

In this discussion about e-commerce strategies and how to build lasting relationships with customers, Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker shares some of his secrets for disruption.

Episode 7: Danny Meyer, Founder & CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group (Interviewed by Vonnie Quinn)

In this discussion about the evolving intersection of hospitality and technology, learn how restaurateur Danny Meyer’s ideas continue to shake up and shape the future of restaurant services.

Episode 6: Kargo Founder/CEO Harry Kargman & Arkadium CEO/Co-Founder Jessica Rovello (Interviewed by Vonnie Quinn)

How do startups meet crises with ingenuity? Entrepreneurs on the bumpy road to profitability: take note.

Episode 5: Union Square’s Fred Wilson & SV Angel’s Ron Conway (Interviewed by Tech:NYC’s Julie Samuels)

Ron Conway, the “Godfather of Silicon Valley” and Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson discuss trends in venture capital beyond Silicon Valley and New York City.

Episode 4: Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya (Interviewed by Pimm Fox)

What will unlock the next great wave of disruption? Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya shares his ideas in this candid chat.

Episode 3: Mark Josephson, CEO of Bitly & Bloomberg Beta’s Karin Klein (Interviewed by Vonnie Quinn)

It’s not hard to make a link shortener, as Bitly’s Mark Josephson shares. The trick is doing it at scale, in order to provide marketers with the insights they need.

Episode 2: Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck & Executive Chairman Dennis Crowley (Interviewed by Vonnie Quinn)

Discover how Foursquare’s location intelligence services extend well beyond social networking.

Episode 1: Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator (Interviewed by Tom Giles)

Early-stage tech entrepreneurs face many nuanced problems. In this conversation, Sam Altman shares useful insights gleaned from the many companies incubated through Y Combinator.

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