NewCo NYC: Discussing Innovation at Bloomberg

Earlier this month, we joined the ranks of Buzzfeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, TED, and nearly 100 other New York companies in welcoming NewCo, the “business conference meets music festival,” as described by NewCo’s CEO and co-founder John Battelle.

Vlad Kliatchko our Head of R&D, discussed our culture of innovation, and what it takes to meet client demands. Topics ranged from our iterative product development process (hint: fail fast, and move on) to open-source software contributions and innovative product solutions. Building what clients want is one thing, but anticipating what they will need is another.

“From the beginning of the company, if we listened solely to our customers, we would have only built a better system for issuing paper tickets,” said Shawn Edwards, our CTO.

Instead, our founders, led by Mike Bloomberg, had the foresight and confidence to build the Bloomberg Terminal – the software, hardware, and globally-connected network to support it. A further example of pushing the boundaries is the Bloomberg keyboard itself. Tom Keene, Bloomberg TV & Radio Editor-at-Large, remembers:

“For the first six months, the message button on the keyboard didn’t work. We had the button on the keyboard before we had the infrastructure to do the messaging system.” The reason? The team planned for the messaging system in the hardware and put it into the design with the expectation that the software would follow. And it did.

General feedback from the audience indicated that attendees did learn more about our philosophy and pace of innovation and hopefully they will use that as inspiration to foster new ideas and implement change in their own efforts. We also hope they took away at least one other message articulated by Vlad – that we’re not just a technology company, but rather a technology company with a mission.