Unleashing Data for Impact

On August 24, 2014, we will be partnering with the Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (ACM SIGKDD) to host “Unleash Data: Accelerate Impact – KDD at Bloomberg.” This event will be part of the annual flagship KDD 2014 conference that will have a special focus on applying data science to improve civic and social outcomes.

“Data scientists have a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the most pressing problems faced by policy makers today,” said Shawn Edwards, Bloomberg’s CTO. “Since the inception of our company, we’ve shown that data is crucial to making informed decisions, and that it can also have a broader societal impact. We’re excited now to help bring together communities that are ideally positioned to help address society’s greatest challenges: KDD researchers, practitioners, thought leaders and policy makers from around the world.”

Throughout the event, researchers will be able to engage with practitioners, policy makers and influencers and engage with NGOs to explore opportunities to use data science to tackle critical social challenges relating to urbanization and geopolitical disparity. The intended outcome: to show how data-driven analytics can identify new opportunities and accelerate solutions to pressing societal issues like climate change and the spread of disease.

“By partnering with Bloomberg for this year’s KDD Conference, we have an opportunity to demonstrate how industry and academic research can be used together to generate an environment of active conversation and social impact,” said Claudia Perlich, general chair of this year’s conference and Chief Scientist at Dstillery. “This August, more than a thousand data scientists will come together in New York City to participate at KDD. With Bloomberg, we will significantly magnify the impact of a common goal: using data to inform decision-making and drive policy change.”

Read more about KDD and the full conference here.