Opening Data Opens Opportunities

Bloomberg understands the impact open data can have on business and society. In 2009, we launched our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) product which today details sustainability information on more than 11,000 of the most actively traded securities in the world.  This data includes energy & emissions, waste, workforce accidents and much more. It helps investors make smarter decisions, and serves a greater social good by bringing more transparency to our global financial markets. Then in 2012, we launched an Open Market Data Initiative to create open standards for market data, covering symbology, programming interfaces, data schemas and protocols. These open standards are bringing even greater transparency.

As an acknowledgment of our efforts in this area, Bloomberg’s Chief Data Scientist Gideon Mann recently served as a judge, alongside Sirs Nigel Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee, for the Open Data Institute’s annual celebration and awards. The awards took place in London the evening of July 9, 2015 where some of the most inspiring people and organizations around the globe were recognized for their outstanding work with open data.

One such organization was BudgIT. It took home the Social Impact award based on its work in helping people access and understand public budgets. BudgIT is a Nigerian civic organization that makes government financial data more simple and accessible for citizens. They recognize that often citizens cannot understand the niche information within budgets, and they believe by making data more accessible and comprehensible to the masses, Nigeria can become a more inclusive society, where informed citizens demand improved service delivery and accountability.

We are pleased that our participation in the Open Data Awards has generated even more interest in our upcoming Data for Good Exchange on September 28, 2015. Our call for papers is still open; we look forward to hearing about more incredible accomplishments using data for good in the areas of government innovation, environment, public health and education.