Meet the Team: A Binary Thierry

Writing, troubleshooting, bug-tweaking, testing, re-tweaking. Revising, testing, tweaking, repeat.

Software engineers like Thierry Miceli are starting to populate our new R&D team in San Francisco. And, he’s ready to take JavaScript and Python by storm — one WebSocket layer at a time.

Despite his technical savvy, Thierry is a pretty modest guy. He says he “writes code, mostly” when describing his expertise. He has a binary approach: he doesn’t over-explain, and he doesn’t generalize. He doesn’t add milk to his coffee, either (as, he says making him “a true half-Italian”).

“The kind of work I am doing currently is quite different from what I did at Coverity,” says Thierry. Thierry’s resume also includes time at Oracle and Microsoft. “My current project relates to providing data to Bloomberg customers through Web services, whereas my former experience was mostly about building tools for developers.”

The growing SF R&D team will be housed in the landmark art deco PacBell Building at 140 New Montgomery Street. About the new space Thierry says: “It’s very interactive. The office is dynamic and there’s no apparent hierarchy.”

Though he says they are still in “team-building mode,” the R&D group is already using meeting minutes to explore new collaborations — like expanding Bloomberg’s use of open source software for choice products to improve outcomes and design.

“Mostly, I wanted to join the new R&D group in San Francisco. It is a great opportunity to be part of a brand new team,” Thierry says. “We are working with modern technologies and processes.”

We will be unveiling our new San Francisco office to the world soon, so stay tuned for more news about how we are expanding in the Bay Area and more stories from Thierry and the team.