KDD at Bloomberg Wrap-Up: “Access to Information Will Bring Transformation to Markets”

Update: Below is a sampling of workshops from KDD 2014
KDD at Bloomberg Proceedings Program
Workshop on Data Science for Social Good
Workshop on Urban Computing

On Sunday, August 24, a crowd of nearly 700 people – including prominent data scientists, policy makers and non- and for-profit leaders from around the world – gathered at our global headquarters in New York City with one goal in mind: unleashing the power of data for good.

Our CTO Shawn Edwards opened up the day’s events, encouraging attendees from different communities to work together, and apply their expertise to better use data science to solve society’s most pressing issues. Speakers throughout the day would do the same.

Leaders from organizations like the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, academic researchers from global institutions including the University of Chicago, Cal Poly, Harvard, MIT, John Hopkins, and NYU Abu Dhabi presented side-by-side with non-profit groups including the Rockefeller Foundation and National Science Foundation.

To get a glimpse into the rich conversations among leaders at Bloomberg and KDD and the brilliant minds that joined the event, check out the highlight reel that we put together below. Also, stay tuned for more from us this week on the event and the individuals who participated.