Get ready for Bloomberg’s Summer of Puzzles 2021!

Welcome to Summer of Puzzles 2021! Starting Friday, June 25, 2021, we will be posting a new puzzle every Friday at 12 PM EDT. The hunt will last 9 weeks. The puzzles will all be logic-based with no directions, and will take your creativity and ingenuity to solve. Check back each week for the next puzzle and to learn more about the inspiration behind them!

If you miss a week, don’t worry! Puzzles from previous weeks will remain unlocked for you to solve at any time throughout the duration of the 9 weeks until the hunt closes on Friday, August 27. For the first three days that each puzzle is available, hints will be released every 12 hours. All of the previously released hints will remain available for the full 9 weeks.

Some important things to understand about how Summer of Puzzles works:

  • If you solve a puzzle after all hints have been released, you can still earn the maximum number of points, but your ranking will be below those who completed the puzzle before you.
  • There is no penalty for submitting an incorrect answer.
  • Looking at hints does not impact your score.

You will be able to access all puzzles as they become available here: We encourage you to invite your friends to compete with you! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @TechAtBloomberg (we might just drop a teaser or two there) or to tag your posts on social media with #SummerOfPuzzles and/or #BloombergBpuzzled.

Our first place winner will receive a Nintendo Switch and a Bloomberg swag bag! Our second and third place winners will each receive a Bloomberg swag bag.

And if you’ve ever wondered why software engineers love puzzles so much, Puzzle Team Member Dan Padawer, a software engineer on our FI/FX Core team, shared some insight into why puzzles are fun and interesting:

“Puzzles are a great way to meet other people. I’ve met people across Bloomberg (and beyond) that I’d not have met otherwise. There’s nothing like spending a few hours on the weekend running around the city solving a puzzle hunt with a group – the initial confusion of “what is this even asking,” grabbing that first handhold into a puzzle, the group getting the a-ha, and watching a puzzle finally crumble. On the other side of things, getting to design a puzzle for someone else and watching them pick out the trail of breadcrumbs you’ve left to help them solve your puzzle feels great (and  is hopefully fun for the solvers!).”

Happy Puzzling!

Meet our puzzle creators!

Chris Benedict

Software Engineer Chris Benedict

Creator of Week 1 Puzzle: Coaster Connection

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
8 years

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
Data Visualization: My team creates the widgets and the tooling all other Bloomberg applications use to create and display charts.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
My puzzle is themed around the Bloomberg Summer Picnic! At the picnics in NYC and London, we typically have a bunch of fun rides and activities. When I think of rides, one of the first things that pops into my mind is a roller coaster, so I decided to theme the puzzle after this.

Tell us about the Bloomberg Summer Picnic:
While the delicious food is a close second, but my absolute favorite thing is to do the group activities with friends of mine at the company. Bubble Soccer/Football is always a highlight for me! It’s a great way to spend time with my co-workers and to meet their friends and family.

Alban Lefebvre

Software Engineer Alban Lefebvre

Creator of Week 2 Puzzle: Headline

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
Almost 9 years

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
Portfolio Data Analytics: My team is responsible for libraries that other Portfolio teams can use to leverage a diverse set of data and compute optimized analytics on this data.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
The theme of my puzzle is Bloomberg News. I wanted to use the Top News headlines that we see scrolling on most Bloomberg Terminals, as the base for my puzzle. I was inspired to create a newspaper version of it.

Tell us about Bloomberg News and the Bloomberg News Studio:
Even if you’re not part of the News department, Bloomberg News is everywhere at Bloomberg. Just walking through the building, you can see a live news broadcast being shot in the pantry or you’ll pass by the famous studio used to interview top CEOs and other executives.

Nico Aiello

Software Engineer Nico Aiello

Creator of Week 3 Puzzle: Bonds of the Heart

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
It’ll be 7 years in August!

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I am the Team Lead of MARS BVAL OTC. We bring transparency to the over-the-counter derivatives market and provide a one-stop, third-party valuations solution to our clients.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
The theme of my puzzle is Philanthropy. Bloomberg and its employees partner and support many nonprofits around the world by donating money, organizing events, and volunteering our time. Many of the nonprofits in the puzzle are included in our Dollars For Your Hours grant program, where Bloomberg will convert full-time employees’ volunteer hours into Bloomberg charitable dollars on your behalf: $2,500 for 25 hours or $5,000 for 50 hours of service in a single calendar year.

Tell us about your involvement with Philanthropy at Bloomberg:
I am the co-creator of the Bloomberg Startup Python Code Camp. In order to increase access to computer science instruction in New York City, a couple of Bloomberg engineers developed a semester-long Python course for high school students. Some other Bloomberg offices, like London, are now interested in using the program with local high school students, so we’re hoping to expand soon!

Lesley Lai

Software Engineer Lesley Lai

Creator of Week 4 Puzzle: Color Filter Tester

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
🎊10 Years🎊 I celebrated my anniversary earlier this month!

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I am on the Application Frameworks Functions team in Software Infrastructure. We build comprehensive tools to help the company’s engineers monitor, categorize, inspect, troubleshoot, and analyze live issues, as well as dashboards that track our software release status in order to ensure consistent deployments for different products. We also own internal applications that help our Terminal installation and customer support teams assist our clients with hardware and software upgrades and troubleshooting.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
The puzzle design is inspired by the Bloomberg Terminal’s classic red header and the dark grey background! I included some references to the widgets we use, like pie charts and labels. It felt like I was working on designing a user interface (UI) in the Terminal while I was creating the puzzle 🙂

Tell us about the User Experience (UX) Lab and UX research and design work being done at Bloomberg:
If you solve this puzzle, the art revealed on the dashboard includes a few references to Bloomberg’s actual UX Lab — we have a one-way mirror separating the room in half, where UX designers and engineers sit on one side as observers, and clients sit on the other side performing different tasks using the Terminal. There are devices that help track the user’s activities and create heatmaps of where they are likely to take actions based on the design of a screen they are shown. This helps our UX designers and engineers refine the UI to create more intuitive, user-friendly application workflows.

Will Moseson

Software Engineer Will Moseson

Creator of Week 5 Puzzle: Shooting Hoops 🏀

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
Almost 8 years!

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I work on the Directory Data Platform team. We ingest information about people and organizations within the finance sector from a number of different sources. We process and store the data, and then provide access for our internal clients.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
Robots and basketball! Many people at Bloomberg are involved with volunteering in some capacity. One popular volunteer activity is helping out the FIRST Robotics teams at local high schools. If you check out videos from past FIRST Robotics competitions, you’ll see many robots shooting balls at hoops.

Tell us about Bloomberg’s involvement with robotics:
Bloomberg has had a long-standing relationship with FIRST Robotics! In several cities (including NYC and London), many of our engineers volunteer their own time to help high school students prepare for the city-wide and hopefully, national and international FIRST Robotics competition. Students in New York City also have access to Bloomberg’s robotics lab in the basement of our global headquarters.

Carlos Guzman

Software Engineer Carlos Guzman

Creator of Week 6 Puzzle: Homemade Caesar Salad 🥗

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
Almost 4 and a half years.

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I’m on the MARS Machine Learning (ML) team in New York. We provide real-time pricing of derivatives using models on our ML platform. This way, our clients benefit from orders of magnitude in speed-ups, with little cost to accuracy.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
The pantry! Of course, our office wellness coaches advocate for healthy eating, so the theme of the puzzle is a homemade salad. The initial idea came from the diverse set of snacks we have in our pantries and the meals that we can get in the office. While our famous soups aren’t directly showcased in this puzzle, you’ll get a taste of the meals we can have from around the world!

Tell us about the Bloomberg Pantries and your favorite pantry snack:
My favorite snacks are actually found in the Madrid office. They are Galletas Principe (sandwich cookie with creamy chocolate-flavored filling) and Mikado (chocolate-dipped sticks). I like them more out of nostalgia than anything else, since I grew up in Spain. One fun aspect of working at Bloomberg is that, when travelling, you can stop by our offices around the globe and experience the delicious local snacks. With hundreds of offices around the world, there’s so much variety!

Chris Narrikkattu

Software Engineer Chris Narrikkattu

Creator of Week 7 Puzzle: Double Vision 👓

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
11 years.

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I work on the Mortgage Applications – Core Services team. We develop and maintain the services supporting the analysis of mortgage-backed securities on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
When thinking about the training room theme, I thought about Pokemon training and trainers.  More specifically, I concentrated on the trainers in the various gyms. The leaders of these gyms are well-known, but the trainers in the gym are less memorable. I wanted to make a puzzle about those trainers and give them more prominence.

Tell us about training at Bloomberg:
When I started at Bloomberg, I was placed in a training class for the first several weeks, where I learned about various technologies and how Bloomberg uses them. Not only did this training provide a solid foundation before I joined a team, but it also instantly helped me develop a network of peers across Bloomberg. Most of the members of my training class are still at Bloomberg to this day!

Dan Padawer

Software Engineer Dan Padawer

Creator of Week 8 Puzzle: Prank Bit Shank Fit Fishtank 🐠

How long have you been at Bloomberg?
7 years.

What Engineering team are you on and what does your team do?
I’m part of the Fixed Income (FI) / Foreign Exchange (FX) Core Services team. We make reusable libraries and handle Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) and System Reliability Engineering (SRE) responsibilities for the teams in the FI/FX space.

Tell us about the theme of your puzzle:
You can’t walk into a Bloomberg office without seeing the fish tanks, and you’ll occasionally see other engineers staring at them deep in thought (and often eating a snack). The tropical fish are fun and colorful and I wanted to do my best to capture that in a puzzle.

Tell us about the fish tanks at Bloomberg:
The first thing you see when you get to the main floor of the company’s flagship office in New York is a koi pond, with 22 koi in it – one for each Terminal initially sold to Merrill Lynch back in 1982.

That said, the fish tanks across our offices vary. Our San Francisco Engineering office has a stingray tank and our London office has the only freshwater fish tank in any of our offices around the globe. The fish tank nearest to my desk has a blue fish who’s been nicknamed Dory because they just always keep swimming. 🐟

Software Engineer Dan Padawer

Creator of Week 9 Puzzle: Crack the Safe

Our first eight puzzles have dropped. At 12:00 PM EDT on Friday, August 20, our Meta Puzzle will open! If you got stuck on one or two of our previous puzzles, don’t worry – every puzzle is unlocked already and all their hints are available too! The answers to the earlier puzzles will feed directly into the Meta Puzzle.

Our Summer of Puzzles winner will be the first person to Crack the Safe!

Bloomberg’s Summer of Puzzles 2021 has ended; thank you to the thousands who participated!

Congratulations to Glen Lim, a mathematics major at Trinity College, University of Cambridge! As the first person to solve the meta puzzle, he won a Nintendo Switch and Bloomberg swag bag.

We hope you enjoyed solving our puzzles this summer!