Deploying Data to Drive Social Change

We believe that better access to information is both good business and good for society. The release of our 2014 Impact Report earlier this month embodies our commitment, and it is why we are proud to be the first company – public or private – to report information using SASB standards.

In this year’s report, we highlight our KDD at Bloomberg event. The main purpose of this event was to show how greater access to and better sharing of data can have a greater business and societal impact. By working with the data scientists of KDD, policy makers and non- and for- profit leaders from around the world, we created an important connection point for these different communities. With our 2015 Data for Good Exchange in September, we will take the next step toward not only convening and discussing, but more importantly making it happen.

Stay tuned for more updates on the September event and the work we continue to do in this space.