Data for Good Exchange 2015 (#D4GX): A Three Part Perspective

We recently posted highlights from Dr. Kelly Henning’s excellent keynote speech at #D4GX about the impact of data science on global public health, and we wanted to follow that up by sharing insights from three of our leading technologists here at Bloomberg: our Chief Technology Officer Shawn Edwards, our Global Head of R&D Vlad Kliatchko, and our Head of Data Science Gideon Mann who conceived of and brought to life this event. It was Gideon’s vision to bring this unique community together under one roof, and the support of both Shawn and Vlad made the rest happen.

SHAWN EDWARDS, CTO, discusses the UNICEF Relationship.

VLAD KLIATCHKO, Head of Global R&D, discusses the connection between #D4GX and the work being done at Bloomberg.

GIDEON MANN, Head of Data Science, discusses why we bring this community together.