bqplot is now a community open source project!

More than four years ago, developers at Bloomberg published one of the first versions of bqplot, an interactive plotting and charting library intended to be used with Jupyter notebooks and ipywidgets. Since that time, the project’s community has grown, it is now used in more than a dozen other open source projects, and is an integral component of many JupyterLab deployments.

In order to allow the project’s community to expand further and take the code in new directions, we’re excited to announce that, on April 16, 2020, we moved bqplot to its own organization on GitHub! This is only the first step though, as we’ve also invited many of the project’s active members to participate in an effort over the next couple of months to create a governance process and apply for the project to join the NumFOCUS Foundation. Bloomberg has been a supporter of NumFOCUS for years and we’re pleased that the community is interested in accepting the bqplot project into its portfolio.

Chakri Cherukuri, Jason Grout, Kaia Young, Maarten Breddels, Romain Menegaux, Sylvain Corlay, and Thomas Robitaille will lead the project during this transition period. We encourage anyone who has an interest in helping this project define its future to join the discussion. In the coming weeks, the project’s repository will host a draft governance document so that everyone can provide their feedback, and the transition team will publish regular updates and invitations to participate in this discussion.

We’re proud to have made this contribution to the scientific Python community and we’ll continue supporting the project in every way we can as it grows!