Bloomberg CodeCon Finals – Quest for the Bloomberg Cup

The best and brightest coders from universities across the country recently descended upon Bloomberg’s global headquarters in New York City for the Bloomberg CodeCon Competition Finals. Over the past four months, our R&D team travelled to 10 schools hosting campus-wide coding competitions using a new platform built by Bloomberg engineers.

From over 2000 national participants, the top three students from each school were invited to the CodeCon Finals, where they received an all-expense paid trip to New York to meet with Bloomberg’s developers, tour Bloomberg’s offices and partake in the Finals for a chance to win the highly-coveted Bloomberg Cup.

The students brought their “A” game, attempting to solve eight programming problems with varying degrees of difficulty in just two short hours. CodeCon allows contestants to submit solutions in a variety of programming languages including C++, Java and Python. The first four problems were solved by a majority of the contestants (each of these was solved by at least 16 contestants), while the last four problems were solved by only a few contestants (each of these was solved by no more than 4 contestants).

Out of a possible 3,350 points, Jason Li of Carnegie Mellon University reigned victorious, correctly answering seven of eight questions with a score of 2600 points.  Raymond Kang of Carnegie Mellon University took second place with 2,000 points. He is a freshman and has only been coding since high school. Alex Chen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also made it onto the podium, finishing with 1600 points.

Congrats to all of the finalists! We look forward to seeing many of you – along with some new faces – next school year! If you’re interested in learning more about the problems asked, how contestants approached them, and possible solutions, click here.