For Bloomberg and Open Stack: “The Sky is the Limit”

There are no one size fits all solutions in any industry. But for the technology industry, the OpenStack community may eventually come close.

With over 16,000 members across 138 countries the OpenStack community is attributing its growing success to giving users a voice and the ability to channel their ideas and issues to those in the community who can assist. In short, shared knowledge – and expertise – can be a powerful thing.

Pravir Chandra, our head of security architecture, notes in a recent community driven article “Catching up with the Original Superusers” that he’s seen a growing number of mature companies join the community since Bloomberg became a member of OpenStack last year. This adds to the growing benefits of being a part of the community.

In the same piece, Reinhardt Quelle, Operations Architect for Cisco WebEx says that the primary impact on the business has been the velocity of application development – building new features and products faster than ever before.

As for the future for Bloomberg and OpenStack? Chandra told the publication the sky’s the limit. So stay tuned.