At Bloomberg Open Source Is More Than A Buzzword: We Do It Every Day

Whether people realize it or not software is everywhere – in your pocket, your home and your car – and it is all being made possible by the developers who live and breathe coding on a daily basis. Writer and programmer Paul Ford contributed an essay to Bloomberg Businessweek — 38,000 words discussing the growing importance of understanding code and the culture of the people who build it.

While we are active contributors to many open source projects including Solr, Hadoop and Open Stack, we also have shared technologies with the community like Brisket.

So once again putting our money where our mouth is, we’ve published the code for the “What is Code?” essay on GitHub. We hope people enjoy exploring how the package was put together including the interactive animations, Java simulator, Easter egg hunt and the certificate of completion (with your photo) after you finish reading the essay.

Within a few hours of publication, people were interacting on GitHub, starring, watching and forking – so we are very pleased with the initial interest. In this particular instance, the original intent of sharing it with others was not to solicit contributions, but lo and behold we did, and we are glad to have them. Bloomberg has been a long-time proponent of open source technologies and the work of the community, and you can plan on hearing more of what we are doing in this space so stay tuned…