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Bloomberg technology drives the world’s financial markets. Nearly 5,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.


Venture Capitalists Weigh in on New York City’s Collaborative and Niche Landscape

Leading VCs discuss New York City’s unique startup environment

Data Science

SemEval-2018: We Know What the Tweet Said. But What Does it Mean?

Leveraging limited amounts of data to improve sentiment analysis of tweets

Data Science

Using Phrases, Rather than Words, to Help Algorithms Derive Keywords & Summaries

Making keyword extraction more accurate, even without human-annotated data

Data Science

Bloomberg’s Amanda Stent on NLP, Research, and Ethics

A conversation with the NAACL HLT 2018 Program Co-Chair


Bloomberg engineers foster the next generation of tech talent at Abu Dhabi hackathon

Hackathon gives students a taste of the challenges awaiting them in the workplace

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