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Data Science

Bloomberg Researchers Present at the 2nd KDD Workshop on Anomaly Detection in Finance

A deep dive into research on calibrating anomaly detectors and textual outlier detection in financial reporting

Data Science

A Conversation about Anomaly Detection in Finance with Anju Kambadur

A look at the origin of the 2nd KDD Workshop on Anomaly Detection in Finance & why this finance industry problem is important for Bloomberg to tackle

Data Science

NLP Researchers & Engineers from Bloomberg’s AI Group & CTO Office Publish 8 Papers at ACL 2019

Papers highlight a variety of NLP applications in finance, novel approaches and improved models used in key tasks, and other advances to the state-of-the-art in the field of computational linguistics

Data Science

Bloomberg Researchers Analyze Interactive Online Conversations at SIGIR 2019 Workshop

A look at the dialogue people use to negotiate transactions as part of their everyday conversations, recent advances in natural language understanding, and use cases for dialogue understanding in finance


Configuring uWSGI for Production Deployment

Tips for developers to avoid known gotchas when configuring uWSGI to host services at scale — while still providing a base level of defensiveness and high reliability


The Evolution of C++ with the Reflection TS

David Sankel looks at what compile-time reflection in C++ can do for programmers and the Reflection TS’ direction within the C++ standardization committee

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