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Conversations with Coders: How Diversity and Collaboration Fuel Engineering Innovation

“English isn’t my first language, and I’m a female too, which often puts me in the minority in this industry,” explains Gülru Üstündag, who was born in Ankara, Turkey. “But everyone at Bloomberg has an open mind about each other, and I work closely with people from both engineering and finance backgrounds.” At Bloomberg, she feels [...]
Senior Software Developer Stephanie Stattel, Birchbox co-founder and CEO Katia Beauchamp, Dia&Co. co-founder and CEO Nadia Boujarwah, Brit + Co co-founder and CEO Brit Morin & Bloomberg Markets' host Scarlet Fu photographed after Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg Speaker Series at Bloomberg Global Headquarters in New York on February 7, 2017. Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg.

Beating the Odds: 3 Female Tech Entrepreneurs Share Advice on Building Great Companies

It’s hard enough for anyone to launch a business. But female entrepreneurs in the technology industry face particularly daunting challenges. Whether it’s raising venture capital while pregnant in a male-dominated industry, hiring teams that reflect their company’s customer base or offering products and services that specifically target women, it’s a pretty steep climb for female [...]
Bloomberg NLP Researcher photographed at Bloomberg Global Headquarters in New York on February 6, 2017 . Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg
Data Science

A Conversation about Natural Language Processing with Bloomberg Researcher Amanda Stent

As a researcher in the Office of the CTO at Bloomberg, Amanda Stent uses her doctorate in computer science and expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to engineer products that parse, identify and respond to human language. Just ahead of WSDM 2017 (February 6-10, 2017) in Cambridge, England, a top international conference [...]
This word cloud shows the classes used by the Learning-to-Rank plug-in; the more frequently a class is mentioned in the code, the more prominent its visualization.

How Bloomberg Integrated Learning-to-Rank into Apache Solr

The latest milestone in open source development at Bloomberg is the incorporation of the Learning-to-Rank (LTR) plug-in into Apache Solr 6.4.0, which shipped this week. The release of the plug-in marks the culmination of a year’s worth of close collaboration between two groups of Bloomberg software engineers in New York and London and the open [...]
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