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Bloomberg’s 6 Notable Academic Contributions in Machine Learning in 2016

Machine learning, especially natural language processing (NLP), has become a hot topic in the technology world. It’s also a discipline that’s been gaining a growing amount of attention at Bloomberg, where more than 100 technologists and data scientists are devoted to machine learning and NLP applications. Bloomberg’s engineers have been hard at work throughout the [...]

How Group Nine Media CEO Ben Lerer Built a Digital Media Empire

Group Nine Media’s CEO Ben Lerer believes his company is ideally positioned to take advantage of today’s constantly shifting technology and ever-changing consumer behavior to become a “legitimately massive” player in the digital media sector. “We are not in lipstick-on-a-pig startup mode,” declared Lerer at the CornellTech@Bloomberg speaker series on Tuesday, March 7 at Bloomberg [...]

College Coders Compete to Last Second at 2017 Global CodeCon Finals

Top college coders from around the world gathered on January 27th at Bloomberg’s offices in New York City and London for the Global CodeCon Finals. Competitors took their seats, hunched over their laptops and scanned the first of eight programming challenges that would test their coding skills, speed and strategic thinking. Over the next two [...]
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World Information Architecture Day 2017: Redesigning the User Experience

On World Information Architecture Day, a one-day annual celebration hosted by the Information Architecture Institute, IA practitioners came together at 58 locations in 24 countries to discuss the trends and technologies reshaping their industry. In keeping with this year’s theme of Information Strategy and Structure, much of the day was focused on rethinking how to [...]
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