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Bloomberg technology drives the world’s financial markets. Nearly 6,500 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.


Meet the Team: ESG Engineering

Software engineers from Bloomberg’s ESG Engineering team build data-driven products that help investors better understand how various companies score in terms of sustainability and societal impact and their associated potential financial performance.


Meet the Team: Sell-Side Engineering

Software engineers from Bloomberg’s Sell-Side Engineering team develop premium products that provide comprehensive multi-asset solutions to the sell-side, which cover all front-office trading and sales-trading workflows.


Meet the Teams: Frankfurt Engineering

In this collaborative melting pot of disciplines, software engineers in Bloomberg’s growing Frankfurt office often work cross-functionally to achieve their goals.

Open Source

Supporting the Python community by “Shifting Left”

Bloomberg is providing a grant to the Python Software Foundation (PSF) funding a full-time Project & Community Manager for the Python Packaging ecosystem

Data Science

WSDM 2021: Contextualizing Trending Entities in News Stories

New web-inspired research aims to contextualize trending entities in news by retrieving and ranking related entities

Diversity in Technology

4 Black technologists who have built their careers at Bloomberg

Meet Evens, Jennifer, Christian, and Kerry, four Black technologists who have built their careers in Bloomberg’s Engineering and Global Data departments.


Meet the Team: HR Engineering

Software engineers in Bloomberg’s HR Engineering team manage the technology and systems that help Bloomberg’s human resources staff to hire and manage talent around the globe.

Data Science

Bloomberg researchers publish kōan, making CBOW implementations faster and more accurate

“kōan: A Corrected CBOW Implementation,” a technical report detailing our AI researchers’ experiments into word embeddings with this implementation, has been published on arXiv.

Data Science

COLING’2020: Computational Linguistics, Conversation Modeling, and Argumentative Features in News Classification

Amanda Stent’s Invited Talk at COLING’2020 looks at conversation modeling, while Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro’s paper looks at the discourse structure of conversations and news

Data Science

AACL 2020: Bloomberg’s AI Group & CTO Office Engineers and Researchers Publish 2 Papers

Papers at AACL 2020 highlight our AI researchers’ contributions to low resource NLP, as well as a new task at the intersection of NLP and social science.


Meet the Team: Data Services Engineering

Software engineers in Bloomberg’s Data Services Engineering team are responsible for the core data and analytics services that serve over 300 billion requests every day — putting data at the fingertips of our clients worldwide.

Diversity in Technology

Meet the Team: Compliance Engineering

Compliance Engineering builds products that help financial professionals maintain compliance with regulations covering the storage and retention of communications and trade data.


10 Insights from Adopting TypeScript at Scale

Insights & lessons learned during Bloomberg Engineering’s journey to adopt TypeScript as a first-class supported language

Diversity in Technology

Meet the Teams: SF Engineering

Many of the projects that the software engineers in Bloomberg’s growing San Francisco office work on have a strong focus on the use of open source.

Data Science

A Conversation about Human Computation with Bloomberg’s Human Computation Architect Walter S. Lasecki

Exploring the broad potential for human computation and how it can be applied to financial data

Data Science

Introducing the Third Class of Bloomberg Data Science Ph.D. Fellows (2020-2021)

To advance the state of the art in AI, Bloomberg invests in the careers of doctoral students and their research in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, recommender systems, time series analyses, and optimization.

Diversity in Technology

Meet the Team: AIM Engineering

The software engineers on Bloomberg’s Asset & Investment Manager (AIM) Engineering team build and manage the company’s buy-side trading platform.


Meet the Team: Indices Engineering

The software engineers on Bloomberg’s Indices Engineering team manage the systems that produce and publish the Bloomberg Barclays fixed income indices.

Data Science

Bloomberg’s Global Data & CTO Data Science Teams Publish Best Practices for Data Annotation Projects

A practical guide to the planning, execution, and evaluation of annotation projects, which are critical to the success of AI/ML initiatives.

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