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Bloomberg technology drives the world’s financial markets. More than 6,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.

Data Science

Using Tables to Build Better Knowledge Graphs

New research shows how table entries on the Web — as opposed to sentences or paragraphs of text — can be used to help build out a knowledge graph.

Data Science

bqplot is now a community open source project!

As the first step in making bqplot, the interactive plotting and charting library, an independent open source project, we’ve moved it into its own organization on GitHub.

Data Science

How Guilds Promote the Exchange of Technical Ideas & Best Practices Within Bloomberg Engineering

Bloomberg’s engineers possess extensive knowledge, skill, and expertise across a wide range of technical domains. Various internal tools and mechanisms already exist to make it easier to share that knowledge. Over the last decade, as the number of tools and technologies -- including open source tools -- critical to building better software increased, internal meetups [...]


Software Engineers Gear Up to Work From Home

The gear being used is just as important when trying to be productive while working from home. Our engineers share photos & descriptions of their technical setups.


Managing Remote Staff Through Crisis: Work From Home Lessons from Hong Kong

Samual Şerban, head of Bloomberg’s engineering team in Hong Kong, shares practical advice about how managers can support their people through a major crisis.

Diversity in Technology

How 4 engineers and culture champions are growing their careers at Bloomberg

Learn how four software engineers from our New York, San Francisco & London engineering teams are growing their careers at Bloomberg.

Data Science

Bloomberg Researchers Explore Adversarial Learning for Keyphrase Generation at AAAI 2020

Some peliminary research demonstrates how GANs can be used to generate keyphrases from scientific abstracts

Data Science

Announcing the Bloomberg Data Science Ph.D. Fellowship Winners for 2019-2020

To advance the state of the art in AI, machine learning and NLP, Bloomberg invests in young data scientists and their research early in their careers

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