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Distinguished Speaker Series: Kyle Kingsbury

Computer safety researcher Kyle Kingsbury (or Aphyr) is the author of the Riemann monitoring system, an introduction to programming in Clojure, and the Jepsen series on distributed systems correctness. On Monday, December 12th, he visited Bloomberg’s Engineering team in London as a Distinguished Speaker and delivered a presentation on how to measure the safety invariants [...]
Top 5 Open Source
Open Source

Bloomberg’s 2016 Open Source Contributions: Top 5 Projects

When you look at an open source project’s commit history, you can see engineers from all over the world, both volunteers and employees of many organizations, coming together to create a shared resource. If you’ve been following the projects on this list in recent years, you’ve seen the hard work Bloomberg has put into them [...]
Bloomberg's Consumer Mobile Engineering team photographed at Bloomberg Global Headquarters in New York on December 13, 2016. Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg.

How Bloomberg Used React Native to Develop its new Consumer App

Bloomberg’s new consumer mobile app for iOS and Android, launched yesterday, offers users a streamlined, interactive experience with easy-to-access personalized content, videos and live feeds featured across Bloomberg Media. To develop the app, the company used a new mobile software development framework. An engineering team at Bloomberg’s New York City headquarters developed the app using [...]
Bloomberg Software Engineer Christoph Kofler photographed at Bloomberg Global Headquarters in New York on December 2, 2016. Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg
Data Science

This Ph.D. Thesis On Deciphering User Intent Could Be the Next Breakthrough In Multimedia Search Engines

Search engines are the workhorses of the digital era, providing fast and relevant results in response to often vague and short queries. Yet despite their tremendous value, search engines like Google or YouTube are still not excelling in one critical area: delivering search results relevant to a user’s intent. “What search engines miss or don’t [...]
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