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Bloomberg technology drives the world’s financial markets. Over 4,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.

In the last installment of the spring speakers series Cornell Tech@Bloomberg, Bloomberg Television Anchor Scarlet Fu discussed "The Rise of Angel investing" with the Chairman of New York Angels Brian Cohen at Bloomberg World Headdquarters in New York on June 20, 2017. Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg

Professional angel investing and the next big thing in tech: A conversation with Brian Cohen

“I’m a hugger,” says Brian Cohen, the ebullient chairman of the seed capital investor network New York Angels and founding partner of New York Venture Partners. “I want to get together with startup founders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want to see how they act in a restaurant. I want to see if they [...]
Anju Kambadur, senior research scientist in the NLP group at Bloomberg (left) and Fatemeh Navidi, a Bloomberg intern and Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan
Data Science

New Research: Building a Better Decision Tree…Fast

Many applications solve problems that are sequential decision processes: an algorithm is given an a priori distribution over scenarios from which an unknown scenario is chosen and the task is to identify this unknown scenario by taking the fewest number of actions. For example, a doctor might narrow down which disease a patient has by [...]
Shawn Edwards, Bloomberg’s Chief Technology Officer

Bloomberg CTO’s vision of an ideal engineer: Engineering students should study not only math, but also literature

This article was originally published in Gaishi Shukatsu, link to original publication (in Japanese). Bloomberg is a global financial information company. The company reports and disseminates real-time news and information that is critical to the business world, and its information processing technologies have played an important role in maintaining it’s competitive advantage in this area. According [...]
Data Science

Finding Novel Ways to Trade on Sentiment Data

It's no secret that hedge fund managers are always looking for new sources of data that will help them in their never-ending quest to beat the market. Quantitative researchers at Bloomberg have been developing innovative methods to help reveal embedded signals in one of the more popular sources of unconventional financial data: sentiment analysis of [...]
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