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Turner Chairman & CEO in conversation with Bloomberg News Anchor Scarlet Fu at Cornell Tech@Bloomberg in New York on April 20, 2017. Photographer: Lori Hoffman/Bloomberg

How John Martin is using technology to rebuild Turner

He may run an $11 billion business that operates nine well-known cable television networks, but John Martin, Chairman and CEO of Turner, doesn’t think of his company as just another broadcaster. His three years at the head of Time Warner-owned Turner -- which operates top cable networks including CNN, TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network -- [...]
15 Jan 2015 --- Computer artwork of a printed circuit board (PCB) and a male wireframe head. A PCB consists of tracks of a metal conductor (white) on a board made of insulating material, which form a circuit with connection points (circles). A number of components can be attached at the connection points, including resistors, transistors, microchips, dials and switches. PCBs are used in most electronic products, including mobile phones and computers. --- Image by © ALFRED PASIEKA/Science Photo Library/Corbis
Data Science

Data Science Research Grants: Announcing Our Fourth Round of Winners

The Bloomberg Data Science Research Grant Program aims to support cutting-edge research in broadly-construed data science, including natural language processing, machine learning, and search and ranking, in addition to the creation of, or contributions to, open source software used for data science. In April 2015, we announced our first round of recipients, in October 2015, [...]
Data Science

Machines + Media: Sharing Information in the Digital Age

Who is creating the media you consume? For the most part, it’s likely a team of experienced journalists, razor-sharp video producers and analysts with a finger on the pulse of the news. And in today's digital age, machines play a significant part in both the production of information and in delivering it from traditional news [...]
Data Science

Bloomberg’s Bruno Dupire on the importance of understanding how machines learn

From startups to hedge fund giants, the finance industry is rapidly pushing beyond the large statistical models the quantitative community used for years, creating new artificial intelligence systems that analyze massive amounts of data and improve themselves without human intervention. Yet, for all this innovation, it’s still common to view these smart, autonomous systems as [...]
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