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Managing Business Strategy in a World Full of Crisis

Every entrepreneur faces unforeseen challenges that require improvisation, or at least a Plan B. This is especially true in the fast-paced tech industry. For chief executives Jessica Rovello of video-game maker Arkadium and Harry Kargman of mobile-ad firm Kargo, their tests included the dot-com collapse, 9/11, computing’s seismic shift to mobile in recent years and Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.

Data Science

D4GX 2016: The Growing Influence of Data Science on Governance

Data science and analytics are growing at an exponential rate, as the ability to collect, track and interpret data continues to accelerate. Data scientists are trying to deploy this massive data haul to formulate more effective public policy, according to participants at Bloomberg’s annual Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) conference, which took place on Sunday, September 25, 2016 at Bloomberg HQ in New York City.

The SAUC tool combines the functionality of a task board with GitHub search, listing projects open to collaboration at Bloomberg. SAUC organizes hundreds of projects by their associated teams and tracks the number of contributions made to each project. For example, the 'bbgithub' project (tools used by engineers interacting with GitHub Enterprise) boasts over 100 contributors.

InnerSource at Bloomberg: The SAUC Tool and the Art of Internal Innovation

Teamwork at Bloomberg has been taken to new heights in the past 18 months as engineers embrace InnerSource, a development practice derived from open source that brings large-scale systems methodology to small internal projects.

Ramkumar Aiyengar
Open Source

How Bloomberg Built a Better Search Engine with Open Source Technology

320,000 users, 10 million searches a day and just 180 milliseconds response time for each query: that’s what Bloomberg’s news search back-end has to stand up to every day. In this conversation, Ramkumar Aiyengar, Engineering Manager of News Infrastructure at Bloomberg, shares how open source technology helped his team redesign the news search functionality on the Bloomberg Terminal to meet business and user requirements.

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